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Swanson Family Farm, LLC was established in March of 2008 as Wayne's dream of owning a small farm to raise food for his family and friends. Wayne grew up in Woodbury NJ a few miles from the 10 acre farm his grandparents - Claude and Artie - raised 18 children on. Everything Swanson Family Farm is and will be is a direct result of the seed planted by his parents & grandparents. 

Swanson Family Farm is a 32 acre farm run by the Swansons (Wayne, Charmaine (wife) & Jekhi (son) that specializes in grass fed and pasture raised beef, lamb, goat and pork. We feature GA Pineywoods Cattle, hair sheep and heritage breeds of goats and hogs. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products raised the way God intended - on a pasture or in the woods. We do not feed commercial food or pump steroids or hormones into our animals. 

You can purchase our products on the farm, at local farmers market, via private chefs or at one of our partner restaurants

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